Class Formats:

Power + Gentle Flow

Power yoga is a breath-to-movement vinyasa class that combines flow, creative sequencing, and mindfulness. Gentle Flow is an intro-level Power class.

Yoga Foundations

New to yoga? Our beginner-friendly Yoga Foundations class is the perfect place to start.

Trap Yoga

Trap yoga is a power class set to popular hip-hop/trap music. Explicit content may be played.

Trap N' B

Trap N' B is a spin on our popular trap yoga class, set to upbeat R n' B music. Explicit content may be played.

Twerk Yoga

If twerkin' and yoga had a baby... Explicit content may be played.

Yoga & Chill

Founded in 2016 by Audrey Cash, Yoga & Chill is a power class with complimentary wine served after. Held every Friday evening.


Yoga Sculpt is a strength training-focused workout that infuses weights to boost metabolism, build muscle and increase stamina.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a series of held postures used to alleviate stress and improve flexibility.