In-Person Class Schedule
Trap Yoga in the Park
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We're taking our classes outside! Join us this summer for "Trap Yoga in the Park" taught by your favorite Level3 teachers. Class is held Sundays at 7pm at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark.

Twerk Yoga is Back!
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This Friday at 7pm ET, we're partnering with You Good, Sis? for a virtual twerk yoga class! Our signature hip-opening, booty-shaking twerk yoga class is a little yoga with a whole lot of twerking. Come have fun, let loose, and throw it back in a healing circle.

Class Descriptions

Trap Yoga is our signature power yoga, breath-to-movement class set to popular hip-hop and trap music. 

Trap N' B Yoga is an R&B spin to our trap yoga class. 

Yoga for Beginners: Are you new to yoga and looking to learn foundational poses? This class is the perfect place to start.

Twerk Yoga: "Throw it back in a healing circle..." Grab your twerkfriends and join us for a part yoga, part booty bounce class you will stretch, breathe, and flow to all of your favorite Hip-Hop hits while opening your hips and having fun.

TwerkFit is the the HIIT-version of our signature twerk yoga class. Expect core, squats, and a lot of booty gains.


Soulful Yin Yoga is our key to maintaining a healthy body. This all levels class is based on Yin Yoga where you release stress, ease tension, and increase flexibility through deep stretches. Some classes will use yoga props such as blocks and bolsters, or you can uses household items like a couch cushion or bed pillow.

Couples Yoga & Sensual Massage: Looking for a way to deepen the spark between you and your partner? Through partner breathing exercises, heart opening poses and sensual touch, you will explore your partner in order to deepen your connection. Release your fears, open your senses, and tap into a deeper spiritual bond.