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Level3 Yoga was born out of Atlanta’s need for a modern take on yoga. Our mission is to provide a life-changing yoga experience that is authentically rooted in hip hop culture. As a Black woman-owned yoga studio, we pride ourselves on showing up to the mat as our whole self so that you also feel encouraged to show up--knowing who you are is enough. We believe yoga is for every body type, economic status, race, ethnicity, and we embrace people of all marginalized communities.
As we center low-income communities as our primarily outreach effort, our goal is to offer classes at an affordable rate. We believe wellness resources should be available to everyone, and cost should not be a reason someone cannot experience the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga.  Through valuable partnerships with Spelman College, Afropunk, The Atlanta and San Jose Chapters of Jack & Jill, Inc., North Carolina A&T University Alumni Association, and more, we have provided free and donation-based classes, in-person and virtual.
In recognition of Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting our work of providing low-cost, affordable wellness programs for a diverse group of people. All funds go to supporting these efforts.
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