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Our LevelUp Kids Club is the perfect way for kids to practice valuable skills that last a lifetime. We balance the profound benefits of yoga and meditation with a lighthearted, playful approach.

Each class teaches kid-friendly yoga poses, games, mindset meditations, and guided breathing. Children who develop Social-Emotional Learning-based mindfulness techniques learn to address their mental help, have less anxiety, sleep better, focus and concentrate longer, get along better with others, and have a deep and true sense of who they are in the world.

To hire a kids yoga teacher to work with your students in the classroom, during P.E./Health, Wellness Week, or Special Assembly, the following rates apply:

During School

45-minute classes start at $80/session

Yoga as a Specials

School-day classes start at $150/day

After-School Program

Yoga clubs start at $210/student

Time can be divided into multiple classrooms. We offer discounts for multiple weekly sessions and can discuss options for grants and modifications based on your budget.

Ready to bring kids yoga to your school or organization?

Thank you! We will be in touch.
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