Live Schedule

All classes are livestreamed through our video on demand platform.

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Introduction to Meditation: Interested in learning the basics of meditation? Learn to sit in stillness, calm an anxious mind, attract the things that are in alignment with you, and develop a practice of peace by deepening your own awareness. 

Yoga for Beginners: Are you new to yoga and looking to learn foundational poses? This class is the perfect place to start.

Trap Yoga is our signature power yoga class set to popular hip-hop and trap music. 

Twerk Yoga: "Throw it back in a healing circle..." Grab your twerkfriends and join us for a part yoga, part booty bounce class you will stretch, breathe, and flow to all of your favorite Hip-Hop hits while opening your hips and having fun. Come ready to move, release stress, and feel more connected to the goddess within you.


Soulful Stretch is our key to maintaining a healthy body. In this all levels class you will release stress and increase flexibility through deep stretches.


Second Sunday Soundbath is an extension of our Soulful Stretch class. Vibrational sound healing has been shown to help reduce stress, promote restful sleep, and relax tension in the body. Using crystal bowls, we will journey through the energetic centers, the chakras, to unlock physical, spiritual, and emotional blockages throughout the body. Feel free to bring a pillow, blanket, or other items that will help you get comfortable. Class is held every second Sunday of the month and lasts for 75 minutes.