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Last night truly assisted and changing my life! In 2010, I lost my mom to cancer and she passed away on my way home from school, but last night for the first time I truly felt like her and I were together again and I finally got to say goodbye and this time she went to the great beyond but I felt peace! Before this experience I desired peace but I wasn’t sure of where to find it or how to achieve it so I’m forever grateful for seeing the place and knowing how to go there. A million times thank you!"


Our Classes Around Atlanta



Music That Moves You

We are Atlanta's only all-hop hop yoga studio. From trap yoga to soulful stretch classes, our playlists curate the vibe.



Everyone Is Welcome

We make yoga accessible to every body type by creating classes with beginner-friendly poses and offering additional options for those new to yoga, pregnant, or with limited mobility.



Wherever You Are

As an extension of our self-care offerings, our private classes and group sessions bring wellness to your home, birthday event or corporate office. Join Level3 On Demand to practice anywhere, anytime.

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