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Yoga Liability Waiver & Intake for Children and Teens

I hereby agree to the following: 


My child has permission to attend a yoga class taught by Level3 Yoga.


My child is participating in classes or services during which she/he will receive information and instruction about yoga and health.  I recognize that yoga requires physical exertion, which may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. I understand that my responsibility is to consult with a physician before and regarding my child’s participation in any physical fitness program, including yoga.  I represent and warrant that my child has no medical condition that would prevent her/his participation in physical fitness activities. 


In consideration of being permitted to participate in the yoga classes, I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known and unknown, which my child might incur as a result of participating in the program. In further consideration of being permitted to participate in the yoga classes, I knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly waive any claim I may have against the instructor, the owner, or the leaseholder of the building for injuries or damages that my child may sustain as a result of participating in classes or workshops held by Level3 Yoga.


If my child participates in other classes or events by Level3 Yoga, I will also assume full responsibility for any injuries that may result from her/his participation, with the same considerations that this waiver stipulates for yoga.

Photography: My child may be photographed while taking Level3 Yoga classes. These photographs are the property of Level3 Yoga and no compensation will be given to me or my child if these photographs are used by Level3 Yoga for promotional purposes.

Cancellation Policy: After School programs will offer a full refund before the first day of class. After the first session, a 50% refund on class registration. No cancellations will be offered before the second class.

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