Our Teachers
Deaundra Audrey Cash is often referred to as a soul flow teacher. She has a passion for connecting the physical practice, mindfulness, and inner awareness. Her students consider her greatest teaching strength as her ability to provide a challenging class that is approachable and inspiring. Audrey is the owner of Level3 Yoga, a mobile yoga studio that provides pop-up classes throughout the metro Atlanta area. Along with her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Audrey has been teaching since 2015 and completed trainings in Yin Yoga, Grounded Kids Yoga, and is currently a E.R.Y.T. with the Yoga Alliance. Follow Audrey on Instagram: @wellnesswithaudrey.
Originally from New Jersey, Ajene Hall moved to Maryland to obtain her collegiate education. In the summer of 2015, Ajene found her love of yoga a year after completing her Masters Degree in Social Work. In 2018, Ajene relocated to Atlanta. Struggling to adjust to her new life, she took a deeper dive into the world of yoga and made a commitment to relax from mental and physical stressors. Eager to expand her yoga practice beyond Asanas, Ajené enrolled in extensive training and committed to obtaining her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification, December 2019. There she discovered the true power of her stillness through meditation and breathing techniques. Ajené challenges herself everyday to be vulnerable, open, and honest with everyone she teaches. She is dedicated to providing healing yoga practices to all of her students. She embraces all challenges, knowing that yoga is the remedy to soothe our daily lives.
Artist and free spirit, old soul Lexi works right out of the heart of Atlanta. She is a hairstylist by day, serial entrepreneur by night, and passionate yogi all wrapped in one. Her yoga journey started a few years ago and helps her to address her mental and physical wellness, creating space for her to listen to herself and the world around her. In 2019, she took her 200-hour training with CorePower Yoga. For Alexis, teaching yoga is special. She gets to share her experience and passion with people in a way that they too can grow from. She created the Catnipz Podcast and community to draw in more Black women who needed self expression and new wellness experiences. It is her goal to share yoga with as many black women as she can.